If you try to build your website, have you ever asked yourself why are you creating one?

This question is a no-brainer. You may give us a variety of answers for this particular question. Whenever we throw this kind of question to our clients in Cleveland area or our national clients, they usually give us answers like “it serves as a source of information about our business.” Sometimes they would also tell us that it would act as a testimonial to their business. It can be somehow called an online business card. There are several other reasons, but they all have something in common. Your reasons should always be to attract clients. It should help your customers to locate you, give directions how to reach you. A good web design can be of great help to you on that part.

Yes, you might have your website, but let’s say your site doesn’t have the appropriate look and functionality, nor does it have the proper content and nor does it have the great rankings in the search engines. As a result, your company will have a difficult time attracting customers regardless of how good you are at what you do. A good surgeon, dentist, event organizer, lawyer, food chain company or any other business owner needs a good web design to help them lure in a lot of clients.


If you think the way your customers think, you will realize that if your company/service is not on the first page of Google, you will not bother to look for the business/service/product on the second, third, etc. page. Luring in customers by only building a website is no longer efficient today. Your simple view of having a website as your online business cards are not as productive now as it may have been before.

You might be the best baker, lawyer, business owner, doctor because you spent a significant amount of time to get where you are now, you invested in your education, career, and have many years of experience in your field. We did the same with web design, search engine marketing, and social media – that is why we are the best at this not only in Cleveland but in the state of Ohio, competing with the top Digital Agencies in the USA and all over the Globe. We are proud to call ourselves Cleveland Webdesign/SEO/SMM experts. This part of your business is our forte. We want to alleviate your problems in those fields by focusing on building well-optimized and well-converting web properties which will create the massive presence of your business online, so you could focus on your work and increasing the number of clients coming your way.

Choosing a hosting company, determining the key phrases your client uses and deciding how much you want to allow for advertising is just a small portion of what Webdesign and SEM are. Though we do all these things as web designers in Cleveland, we also do more than those listed. We share the most important points with our clients so they may also understand why we do not recommend some things and prefer others. As a simple example – is putting numerous moving pictures on your websites. Sure, it is an attraction, but what you do not know is that it slows the load time of your website. For some customers, all that time it takes to load is wasted time. They could get frustrated, and they tend to lose interest in your website because of this. This is not a favorable scenario for your business as it equals a lost opportunity.

You do not need to know the terms we use in our field because that would be our job. We will create/modify and maintain a website which you are comfortable with and which will be able to supply the proper answers to concerns and other inquiries your clients may have. We will also make sure that your website clearly displays what you offer in your business.

Why choosing euGenius Vision as your Cleveland Web Design Company is the best decision?

This is what we do, and this is what we are best at. We want to help you to increase your online presence so your clients could find you much faster.

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