Today billions of people can be found in social media. We communicate with friends, our families, and sometimes we make new friends on Facebook or Twitter, or follow someone on Instagram. We spend large amounts of time in social media. This is why, as a business owner, you know that it is also a good way to advertise your business and so you MUST have a Facebook page and other social media accounts for your business. You could call yourself well informed if you know that approximately forty percent of the US population or about 128 million people are using Facebook daily. But this just might be the only thing most business owners understand of what social media marketing brings about. Many do not know that it is also a crucial piece for your business.

A lot of business owners think that they should do social media marketing, but they simply have no idea of where to begin. They tell us that they have started a Facebook page, but truth be told, nobody visits that page. Why would you? Why would you go to a certain social media to find a business? Another would say that they created a Twitter account for their business to announce upcoming sales, but they have no other uses for their Twitter account other than the mentioned purpose. Business owners would often associate a good website as a sign that they are also being very productive online.

When you are considering a strategy for your social media marketing, you could start by asking yourself a few questions. These questions would include how your efforts in social media marketing have affected your SEO.

Have your brand awareness among users improve your social media marketing?

How have your competitors been using social media services?

How often do you update news regarding your brand?

How versed are you in ranking a Youtube channel for your business?

Do you have knowledge on how to create an engaging content?

How many social media accounts do you use and how do you interact with your clients there?

And have you had any plans to grow your online community?

To stretch this list, you could also ask yourself how would you respond to some of the feedback’s your clients may have. How many customers have found you?

What values do you offer to your customers? And how do you bridge your brand’s voice and personality to them?

Do you want your Brand to become an Authority on Social Media?

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