5 Reasons Supremacy Digital Is Becoming The #1 Source Of Marketing Information

5 Reasons Supremacy Digital Is Becoming The #1 Source Of Marketing Information

Chances are, you’ve heard some of the buzz surrounding Supremacy Digital. And don’t worry if you haven’t because you’re not too late to join the movement. Supremacy Digital is a company that offers a variety of products with a focus on internet marketing. These are products that can help your sites rank highly in Google, that can help you design fast loading AMP pages, or that can help you manage complex WordPress sites.

Supremacy Digital also provides users with tons of education resources, such as monthly webinars, live training sessions, and access to a member’s only community. It’s very likely that they will become the number one source of marketing information, tools, and resources very soon. Here are five reasons why that is likely to happen.

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1. Free Access To A Lot Of Content

Years of being burned by companies online have made the average internet user rather cautious. A lot of programs ignore this sense of caution and keep all of their content locked behind a paywall. Of course, there’s a chance that they are legitimate and that their products are excellent, but consumers aren’t willing to take that risk. Supremacy Digital understands and respects the need for caution, which is why they offer a lot of content for free.

Right out of the gate, new accounts have access to a free members area without spending a dime. There they will find two unique SEO courses, 8 powerful guest webinars, and more than 100 hours worth of free training material. This learning material covers a wealth of information that supremacy digital has compiled over the years. This massive free library is also updated regularly with new content.

2. Founders Who Know What They Are Doing

The average internet marketing program is designed by some guy trying to make a few dollars. Supremacy Digital, on the other hand, was founded by two marketing experts who could easily be considered leaders in their fields. They have the education, training, and experience needed to keep a program like this alive and growing well into the future.

On one end, there is co-founder Todd Spears. Todd has roughly three decades worth of experience in digital marketing. His record sheet includes the successful launch of more than 20 products or services on the internet. These were all products he either built himself or was involved with the launch process.

On the other end is Herc Magnus. Herc began with a career in rock ‘n roll. After a decade of that, he shifted gears and pursued work in the field search engine optimization. He spent the following years learning and mastering SEO. He now helps develop the popular Supremacy digital marketing products and spends a lot of time teaching SEO to newcomers.

3. A Core Team To Be Proud Of

If there’s anything that 30 years in marketing will teach you it’s that you can’t do everything by yourself. In order for a program to become the go-to source of marketing information, it needs a supporting team of developers, managers, administrators, and marketing experts to keep it fresh and productive. This is one of the core elements that separates Supremacy Digital from the average internet marketing program.

The core team consists of seven well-qualified experts at the moment and may need to grow in size as Supremacy continues to earn a significant following. Each member of the team brings a lot to the table and helps Supremacy to maintain its unique appeal and various strengths.

4. A Track Record Of Success

Any time you are interested in how well a product might do you can simply look back at some of the previous product launches by the same company. In the case of Supremacy Digital, there have already been seven successful product launches and there will undoubtedly be more in the future. Those seven products have managed to rake in more than $3,000,000 in sales thus far.

This is enough to tell you that people keep coming back for more. Perhaps they started with the Local Supremacy product and were so impressed with the results that they decided to try the flagship Project Supremacy v2 or v3. This is in stark contrast to the average marketing products that hit the market, disappoint customers, and are forgotten by the end of the year.

The fact that Supremacy Digital continues to launch successful products is a sign that they care about their reputation and that they will be around for a long time to come. It’s clear that they will be the number one source for marketing information in due time. And unlike some companies, they will reach that spot by continuing to earn the trust of new clients while also keeping existing businesses on-board.

5. A Diverse Collection Of Features

Some of the earliest products launched by Supremacy Digital were packed full of incredible features. The average person might have thought that was enough and left it at that. But they took a different route and decided to include new and improved features in each of their product launches. With seven products already on the table that’s a large collection of useful features.

For example, Project Supremacy v3 (PSV3) includes the features that made PSV3 so great and then adds in new features that make managing WordPress sites even easier than before. The big feature that was brought over from PSV2 is the SchemaBuilder. This tool includes nearly all of the Schema properties available at the official Schema repository. It also includes a tool that allows you to duplicate schema structures found on other sites.

Meanwhile, it includes new and improved features, such as automated backups, rank tracking tools, and the option to scan and clone your WordPress sites. They also managed to improve the project planner feature yet again.

Project Supremacy isn’t their only product packed full of useful features. AMP Supremacy includes a live page editor and a free AMP Lite addon. SERP Tech has features that can help a page rank highly for 100s of terms, such as a SILO design-builder and shortcode page editors.

The point is that each of their products brings a lot to the table. This is yet another reason why Supremacy Digital will become the leading source of internet marketing information and resources.

Don’t Be Late

You certainly don’t want to be the last person to start using these tools for your business. Supremacy Digital has become so popular that your competition is probably already using it. In time, they’ll be the go-to source for marketing information. Join the movement today to stay ahead of the curve.

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